Could COVID-19 have contributed to my mother’s death

by: Charlene Neu

Could COVID-19 have contributed to my Mom’s death on March 2? We will never know, though she was considered to be in the most vulnerable group and had been diagnosed with Pneumonia mid-February.

What I do know is that as heartbreaking it was to lose her then, it would be devastating to be losing her now, when the family she loved couldn’t be with her in hospice.

I’ve tried to integrate that very personal experience with my professional responsibilities to the families I work with as their Aging Life Care™ Manager. In particular, for one family, who’s loved one, living at home, with round-the-clock care, provided by a home care agency, is now in hospice.

For this family, with a daughter located in another shelter-in-place state and unable to travel, it’s important to keep them connected. We’ve been able to do so with Face Time or regular phone calls. Daily caregiver notes, with photos, have helped with “virtual visits.” The caregivers have been extraordinary, selecting well-loved music, while paging through photo albums and reminiscing about travels and experiences.

Care Management, collaboration, communication, and compassion are vital, especially in today’s environment. Ensuring that our clients and their families have an opportunity to be present, even if it’s virtual, is of the utmost importance.

My family was fortunate to have had that opportunity with my Mom and it’s my commitment to my clients to do the same for them.

Charlene Neu MA, MS, PREP
Gerontologist, Aging Innovator
NeuAgingSolutions (at) gmail (dot) com