Managing Crisis Situations: One Aging Life Care Professional’s Story

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What happens when your aging father dies and you discover he’s been covering up your mother’s dementia and declining health? Add to that…you live three states away. What do you do? Who could possibly understand the crisis  you have uncovered? And who can help?

Help! My Father Died and He was Hiding my Mother’s Dementia

Here ALCA member Crystal Littlejohn, MHSA, CMC, CSA of Peoria, Arizona tells of how she helped an adult daughter manage the care of a resistant mother with dementia. The daughter had no idea how much her father had hidden about her mother’s illness. When the daughter arrived in town after the unexpected death of her father, she found herself dealing with an overwhelming crisis.

Managing crisis situations is something Aging Life Care Professionals™ do often, and something that they do very well. The entire skill set of an Aging Life Care Professional can be put to the test in answering just one phone call.


Preventing a Crisis

Many crisis situations can be avoided or minimized. Are you…

  • Caring for a loved one?
  • Living at a distance from your aging parents?
  • Planning for your own future care?

Connect with an Aging Life Care Professional™ today and work together to build a plan of care that leads you to the actions and decisions that ensure quality care and an optimal life for those you love. You’ll reduce worry, stress and time off of work when you work with an Aging Life Care Professional.

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