Choosing the Best Incontinence Product

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Incontinence isn’t the easiest topic to discuss; but when ignored, incontinence can cause bigger problems – depression, social isolation, infection.  With proper assessment and guidance, aging adults can greatly improve their quality of life by selecting the right incontinence product to meet individual incontinence challenges.  

Consider These Factors When Selecting the Right Incontinence Product

by Lucille Levine, RN, BSN – Aging Life Care Association™ Corporate Partner


Life’s choices are best navigated through the experience of others. Aging Life Care Professionals™ guide aging adults and families through a complex maze of resources and options to facilitate successful aging in place, including the challenging topic of incontinence.  Incontinence is an issue which needs to be addressed to reduce social isolation, prevent secondary health issues and reduce the need for long-term care admission.  Beyond the need for timely medical intervention, selecting the appropriate products to effectively manage incontinence plays a  pivotal role in the quality of life of aging adults and their caregivers.

Advertisements and personal care aisles of stores feature products which lead one to believe that their products will be the best solution for any person struggling with incontinence.  It is not that easy.  No two people or their incontinence challenges are alike.

A number of factors must be considered in making the best product choice.  Daytime needs and nighttime incontinence product needs are different.  Fall risk and the need for overnight staff assistance can be limited by proper product use.  The incontinence’s degree of bother to the client and caregivers along with medical history, medication regimen are key factors in product choice. The frequency, volume and source of incontinence, physical abilities, lifestyle and mental acuity of the client will steer the decision regarding the product style, features and absorbency for the client’s unique needs.

Optimally absorbing and containing products should be selected to preserve dignity, promote continence through toileting and allow ease of client use.   Common errors leading to ‘product failure’ and leakage include the use of cumbersome products, double product use and the use of oversized products which are not ‘body close’.

Aging Life Care Professionals consult with a Continence Management Product Consultant to explore product options based upon a detailed review of the situation and to sample a variety of products. Involving those who are directly involved in the care of the incontinent individual in the consultation process is also beneficial to successfully finding the right product.

About the author: Lucille Levine, RN, BSN is the founder of Disposables Delivered, LLC and is a Continence Management Product Consultant and an ALCA Corporate Partner.  For more information, contact Disposables Delivered at 1-866-613-3251. This post first appeared on the Aging Life Care Association’s Mid-Atlantic Chapter Blog

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Source: ALCA Blog