Aging Life Care Association’s Amy O’Rourke Featured as Guest Expert in #ElderCareChat Discussion on How Families Can Prepare for Aging

Aging Life Care Association’s Amy Cameron O’Rourke Featured as Guest Expert in #ElderCareChat Discussion on How Families Can Prepare for Aging

amy-cameron-orourke-ALCA #ElderCareChat 4/12/17Don’t Wait for a Crisis to Strike – Top Tips to Prepare for Aging

Aging Life Care Association® was honored to join last week’s #ElderCareChat, with our current president Amy Cameron O’Rourke serving as an expert panelist. O’Rourke engaged 40 participants in a lively Twitter conversation about how families can prepare for aging versus reacting to a crisis.

The one-hour #ElderCareChat illuminated the Aging Life Care Association’s vision of a world where adults and their families live well as they face the challenges of aging proactively rather than reactively.

The Twitter session, which generated more than 3 million impressions, underscored the fact that many seniors and their families fail to consider the realities of aging until there’s a ElderCareChat analytics 4/12/17crisis. As O’Rourke shared, death can be an uncomfortable topic, and families would rather not talk about losing someone they love. Plus, adult children want to honor their parents’ independence and avoid stepping on toes.

But, as O’Rourke and other participants pointed out, the consequences of waiting for an emergency to make plans for aging can be dire—fewer choices, higher costs, less input from the senior loved one, increased family tension, and even unintended or aggressive medical treatments.

Instead, O’Rourke recommended families proactively prepare for aging by building a team of professionals, including a financial planner, elder law attorney, and an Aging Life Care Professional. Such professionals can explain options for senior housing and care, and help families determine what suits their particular needs and resources.

Though it may cost money upfront, O’Rourke noted that preparation can save money in the long run. What’s more, preparing for aging saves families from having to make difficult decisions without the input of their senior loved one. Here are some highlights of the thoughtful discussion that took place over the #ElderCareChat hour (scroll through to view all):

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#ElderCareChat is presented by and sister sites and as a forum to share resources, experiences, and expertise in eldercare. #ElderCareChat meets mid-month; the next chat will be Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at 1pm ET.

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