I have always had confidence in Susan’s skill as a psychotherapist to be able to engage patients and gain their trust, provide needed support and use excellent judgment. We work in close contact and Susan will immediately notify me about changes that she believes need my attention

Susan is by far the best Aging Life Care Manager that I have had the pleasure to work with. Susan is extremely intelligent, energetic and very knowledgeable in all aspects of senior care management.

Since my wife is an only child, we came to rely on Susan as our “extra pairs of eyes and ears” to ensure that my mother-in-law was well taken care of. Susan was able to identify changes in my mother-in-law’s condition that needed attention, observe her aides, and overall evaluate the services she was receiving.

We owe it to Susan that we were able to remain UK-based (coming monthly to New York for a week to visit and make sure that everything was ok ) during my mother’s last years, safe in the knowledge that she was well-looked after and her needs attended to.